Definition of super computer ? and characteristics-Btech creations


definition of super computer

A high speed processing computer is called “SUPER COMPUTER”.computer could be a sort of computer that has the design, resources and parts to attain large computing power. Today’s supercomputers consists of tens of thousands of processors that area unit ready to perform billions and trillions of calculations or computations per second.Supercomputers area unit primarily area unit designed to be employed in enterprises and organizations that need large computing power.

                                                                              The quickest form of laptop. Supercomputers square measure terribly high-priced and square  easure used for specialized applications that need huge amounts of mathematical calculations. as an example, prediction needs a mainframe computer. different uses of supercomputers embrace animated graphics, fluid dynamic calculations, energy analysis, and fossil fuel exploration.



advantages of super-computers

High prcessing speed:

Supercomputers have unimaginable process speeds which will flip basic information into valuable insights during a matter of seconds, minutes or days compared to the years or perhaps decades it’d have taken plain human effort.

Smog management:

The running significant meteorologic information through high-octane supercomputers, scientists will predict pollution levels in major pollution-prone cities like Beijing. These processes will facilitate establish the supply and diffusion pattern of pollutants across town with a street-level degree of detail days before.

Cancer analysis:

Because of the sheer volume of willcer-related information supercomputers can method during a short amount of your time, medical researchers have the information measure to sequence associated characterize cancer to an new depth, enabling a additional complete understanding of the mechanisms that cause genetic instability and ultimately, cancer itself.

Automobile safety ratings:

When machine makers subject their vehicles to safety testing, an outsized portion of a vehicle’s safety rating relies on complicated computer-generated eventualities, wherever supercomputers crunch equations involving many completely different variables. These computer-generated eventualities, along side information taken from the crash tests themselves, is analyzed to see safety ratings.

Fraud protection:

From thwarting mail to money dealing fraud, supercomputing plays a task in fraud protection. for instance, PayPal processes over thirteen million money transactions on a daily basis and deployed supercomputers to make sure fraud was caught early. within the initial year, supercomputers analyzed PayPal’s massive information and known $710 million in fraud that may have otherwise been unseen.

Big rig fuel potency:

Thanks to mainframe analysis, massive rig trucks currently wear “skirts.” analysis done by supercomputers showed that this mechanics style reduces drag and will increase potency enough that operators will lay aside to $5,000 per truck, each year in fuel price

 supercomputer cost $100 millions


Supercomputers advantages and dis-advantages

  1. Solve larger issues
  2. Run additional issues in shorter time
  3. May save cash
  4. Allows for virtual testing
  5. Can be used for R&D
  1. Can be high-ticket
  2. Takes up loads of house
  3. May solely be sensible for specific applications
  4. Does not replace physical testing
  5. Requires trained employees

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