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Bala Govind (Allu Arjun) may be a program director in MAA TV. His fights for justice gets him into troubles regularly.During one among these incidents, he saves an individual (Raja Ravindra) from goons and while severely trashing Murugan (Subbaraju) son of a notorious arrack smuggler Tambi Durai (Pradeep Rawat).

Fearing retribution from Tambi Durai, the MAA TV crew sends Bala to Kulu Manali to shoot a travel episode, where Bala meets Vaishali (Hansika Motwani), who may be a sanyasin. it’s love initially sight for Bala.Vaishali though apprehensive of Bala initially,falls for him.The head sanyasin of the ashram Ramaprabha (Ramaprabha) unites the couple.

By the time Bala was to return to Hyderabad with Vaishali so as to marry her,some goons kidnap her. Bala returns to Hyderabad and finds that she is with Tambi Durai. The one that was saved by Bala within the beginning reveals that Vaishali is that the daughter of Narayana Patwari.

In order to grab his property, Tambi Durai kills him and his wife and perform the wedding of Vaishali with Murugan before their dead bodies. However, Vaishali escapes and reaches Kulu Manali. So, Bala decides to save lots of Vaishali from their clutches and succeeds in his attempt finally.



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